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Business Visa Requirements
Valid (six months or longer), signed passport with sufficient blank pages for any visa stamps.
(Transit visa is required from US citizens transiting through China, for any length of stop (even if not exiting plane or train) in China.
ONE recently taken passport-size photo (Photo must be on white background and on photo paper).
A photocopy (front and back) of your driver license or state ID for proof of residency within the consular jurisdiction.
Processing fee of $389.90 (TEN-Year multiple entry visa). The price includes consular fees FOR REGULAR PROCESSING.(NOTE: China consulates now enforce geographic jurisdiction for processing visas. The listed prices are for processing visas through Los Angeles China Consular Post. Additional $95 fee will be charged for China visas processed through other China Consular posts with jurisdiction over your address)
Completion of ONE application form (Use this application for Los Angeles and San Francisco only. No handwriting...MUST BE TYPED) Download or complete online and print a copy of application form for Los Angeles or San Francisco consulates only (No handwriting...ALL INFORMATION MUST BE TYPED & PRINTED ON A SINGLE SIDE OF EACH PAGE)Download Los Angeles/San Franscisco application.
A different application must be completed for Washington DC, Chicago, Houston and New York consulates. You can access this application in the "Forms" section by clicking on the forms button (No handwriting...ALL INFORMATION MUST BE TYPED & PRINTED ON A SINGLE SIDE OF EACH PAGE).
A detailed travel itinerary.
Proof of hotel reservation.
A Business letter Download a sample.AND a formal invitation from Chinese business contact in China.
Please allow approximately FIVE (5) business days for standard processing.
IMPORTANT NOTE-1: None U.S. Citizens, depending on immigration status, MUST submit ORIGINAL I-551 (Green Card), or I-94 form, or the I-797 Receipt with visa application.
IMPORTANT NOTE-2: Applicants born in China MUST either have a previous China visa in U.S. Passport, or submit Chinese passport with application.
IMPORTANT NOTE-2: An applicants with Chinese name must write his or her full Chinese name, in Chinese, on the application.

Please read carefully
Add $49 ($65 for Saturday and off-shore destinations) for Fed-Ex return shipping charges (up to three U.S. passports).
Unless specifically stated above, all prices are per person and for a single entry visa.
Add $95.00 for three days and $145 for the next day rush handling service fees (not applicable to Belarus, Brazil, India, Russia and Ukraine visa cases. PLEASE CALL IN ADVANCE FOR THE RUSH PROCESSING & FEES ON THESE COUNTRIES).
Make sure that passport is signed. Passports without signature cannot be processed.
We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and cashier's checks. We do not accept personal checks or out of State company checks.
Unless it is a rush situation, packages received after 9:00 a.m. will be processed the following business day.
All visas are issued by consulates; issuance or processing times are not guaranteed. We are not responsible for delays caused due to additional document requestes by the consulates
All fees, processing times and requirements are subject to change without prior notice.
Only one return postage fee will apply for multiple visa requests.
Atlas Services is a convenience service company. Atlas Services, its employees, affiliates and contractors in no way, expressly or impliedly, make any representations or warranties of any kind, or guarantee the issuance of a visa or the processing time at the consulate.
We are not responsible for consular and administrative errors, delivery companies' delays or misdeliveries, or delays due to weather acclamations. Once processing of a case begins, except for the unused consular fees, no refunds can and will be issued.

Payment Methods
    Pay using a personal check
    Pay using a credit card
    Pay using a secure Internet transaction
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